During the Arcade Anime Festival!

Arcade Anime Festival and Cinemex have announced the movies which will be presented in their Anime film festival, which will be celebrated in mid November.

The Movies presented are: Paprika, Kiki´s Delivery Service, High Speed!: Free! Starting Days and Death Note: Light up the NEW World.

While the first 2 have already been in México and even on Tv, the other 2 are brand new, making especial attention to the new Death Note Movie which premiered in October 29 in Japan.

The Price of the tickets will be $70.00 Pesos (Roughtly less than 4 dollars) and can be acquired in Cinemex. The dates and places will be as follows (Copy pasted):

12 y 13 de noviembre 2016:

Cinemex Reforma 222 (Ciudad de México)
Cinemex Coapa (Ciudad de México)
Cinemex Centrika (Monterrey)
Cinemex Milenium (Guadalajara)
Cinemex Plaza Dorada (Puebla)
Cinemex Mexicali (Mexicali)
Cinemex Metepec (Metepec)
Cinemex Aguascalientes (Aguascalientes)
Cinemex Intermall (Torreón)
Cinemex Gran Plaza (Mérida)
Cinemex Constituyentes (Querétaro)
Cinemex Juventud (Chihuahua)

19 y 20 de noviembre 2016:

Cinemex Mundo E (Ciudad de México)
Cinemex Parque Delta (Ciudad de México)
Cinemex Real (Ciudad de México)
Cinemex Andador (Morelia)
Cinemex Galerias (Tuxtla)
Cinemex Galerias (León)
Cinemex Galerías (Saltillo)
Cinemex Diana (Cuernavaca)
Cinemex Mundo Divertido (Tijuana)
Cinemex Citadella (San Luis Potosí)
Cinemex Outlet (Cancún)
Cinemex Galerias TEC (Ciudad Juárez)


Via: ANMTVLA (Spanish)