Today it has been revealed by Tite Kubo, Akita Shoten publishing house and Kurumada Productions that the Mangaka of Bleach will be working now on a new Spinoff of Saint Seiya, created by Masami Kurumada.

“It was a very easy decision” said the legendary Mangaka, Masami Kurumada on a press conference held in Akita “Kubo- Sensei already worked on a Saint Seiya manga: Bleach, so doing it again would be no problem at all”


“That´s true. For me, Bleach has always been a Saint Seiya Manga, to the point that if you didn´t noticed it you weren´t reading it correctly! (Laughs)” added Tite Kubo on the conference where he presented a draft of the project, showing us some character that looked like Ichigo wearing a Silver Cloth, sadly there was forbidden taking pictures of the image. “I am deeply honored to work with Kurumada- Sensei on this work”.

When asked about the reason on why choosing Kubo as the new mangaka for the new Saint Seiya project Kurumada responded with a glass of wine that: “I like money, and the payment of author rights is always nice, besides we are always trying to get the American audience and they like bleach, no?”

“Yes they like! (laughs)” interrupted Kubo who got asked about his relationship to One Piece´s Mangaka Eiichiro Oda: “He its dead to me.”

We will keep you informed about Kubo´s most recent work.