Having started just one week ago, the kickstarter to localise arguably the best Visual Novel ever made (and one of the best stories ever created) has now passed the $500,000 point, unlocking digital versions for both the Playstation Vita and Android platforms. Further details will be forthcoming from the team shortly, however we do know that anyone pledging at the $150 tier (or above) will be able to choose one platform type to receive for free along with the physical Collector’s Edition, which it has recently been confirmed will come with digital codes and be DRM-free.

UPDATE - The ML team have confirmed they are working on creating a $60 Vita Digital Copy Tier, likely with the other details remaining the same as the $60 Windows Tier we currently have. This is now available.


With 33 days left, currently two more stretch goals exist to be challenged: a lore codex featuring both previously untranslated and entirely new background content, artwork and stories at $600,000, and the additional localisation of ten more sidestories from the Muv Luv setting at $720,000, both of which will also be included at no extra cost for those pledging at $150 or more. (Cheaper tiers also exist for regular digital versions of the trilogy).

This kickstarter is setting astounding records for a Visual Novel, and the more successful it is, the more chance we have of getting more content in the future for what is an example of storytelling that deserves to be considered one of the seminal works of modern times. (Its influences on Attack on Titan are acknowledged, for example, although AoT does not manage to achieve the same refinement of what it attempts to do compared to Muv Luv).


If you like stories that take you on an emotional rollercoaster and through a full gamut of experiences, this is for you. If you like Visual Novels but want to play them on the go, that’s now available for you. If you’re kinda timid, unsure about VNs or indeed any media that can get to you and make you feel... Yeah, this isn’t for you. There’s an anime called School-Live! that’s just finished airing, it’s a bright, happy show. Go watch that instead. But, consider putting down enough for a digital copy of the trilogy anyway, just in case you want to challenge yourself in the future. There’s a large, passionate and supportive fan community waiting, many of us here on Ani-TAY. We know Muv Luv is worth it, we wouldn’t tell you otherwise, and we’re doing our best to prove our words with our actions (and finances). Join us.