The Cast members of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (Takumi Hashimoto, Reiko Chiba, and Yūta Mochizuki) will attend to the Lexington Comic and toys convention that it will celebrate on March.

This is because the original series have been licensed to release on DVD by Shout! Factory and will come out in February 17 in the States.

Also, the Series Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (which is Very Loosely based in the afore mentioned series) cast will appear in that convention. Specifically:


Austin St. John (original Red Ranger), Karan Ashley (second Yellow Ranger), Walter Jones (original Black Ranger), David Fielding (original Zordon), Catherine Sutherland (second Pink Ranger), Nakia Burrise (Power Rangers Zeo, Turbo), Robert Axelrod (voice of Lord Zedd), Paulie Schrier (Bulk), Jason Narvy (Skull), Barbara Goodson (voice of Rita Repulsa), Blake Foster (Power Rangers Turbo), and Kerrigan Mahan (voice of Goldar).

In arelated news. The actors from Ultraman will appear too. Specifically: Satoshi Furuya and Hiroko Sakurai.


So who do you preffer from these groups of teenagers with energy?!. The American ones or the Japanese?!. A Battle from the ages is about to begin!.