The Light Novel Series "Hundred" Will get an Anime

On The Festa Event for the 10th Anniversary of GA Bunko it was announced that the Light Novel Series made by Jun Misaki, Hundred, will get an Anime Adaptation.


Anime News Network reports the story as follows (With Some changes about the Image place):

The “ultimate school battle action” science-fiction comedy begins with the Hundred, the only weapon that can counter the mysterious Savage life form attacking Earth. To become a Slayer (master of military arts) who wields this Hundred, the main character Hayato Kisaragi (pictured center in image Above) successfully enrolls in the marine academy city shipLittle Garden. However …

“I wanted to meet you, Hayato!!”

“W–who are you…?”

Hayato feels a strange yet familiar sense of incongruity towards Emil Crossford (picture right), his roommate who somehow knows him from somewhere. On top of that, as soon as he enters the school, he is challenged to a duel by the “Queen” (the school’s most powerful Slayer) Claire Harvey (pictured left).

The Series bega in 2012 and on this August the 8 Volume will come out.

Also if you found the art to be somewhat familiar of The Testament of Sister New Devil is because the Artist is the same, Nekosuke Okuma.

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