The Chapter 130 of Dragon Ball Super will be streamed in various public places around México

From Soccer Stadiums, malls and public squares the big finale of Dragon Ball will be streamed for everyone to see.

Update: The Chapter 130 is not the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super for what I have been told.


With the upcoming end of Dragon ball Super, the Mexican fans of the adventures of Goku and friends have made their voices heard so big and so loud that different municipalities around the Mexican Country; from the professional Foot ball Soccer Club “Mineros de Zacatecas” who have decided to stream the final chapter on their Stadium under the slang “Nacimos siendo Universo Siete” (We where born being Universe Seven)

Being the invitation on Saturday March 17; this, away from being an isolated incident, has won a lot of traction influencing even on the governments of different municipalities around the country.


From Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua; Ciudad Madero and Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas (que lejos estoy del pueblo donde e nacido...); San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí (The house of Alberto del Río); Pachuca Hidalgo and other cities that have been joining on this new trend of exposing the end of this new adventure of the Z Warriors.

On the legal side, the President of Ciudad Juarez, Armando Cabada, has spoken about this topic and has declared that they have all the legal permissions to stream the chapter, which is being transmited on Crunchyroll Latín América.


Crunchyroll, on it´s part spoke about this topic with the website xataka where they have admited that they have been in contact with the government of different cities in order to make this endeavour a reality:

“Once we saw the publications we started making contact. We where already planning litle events. While the rights are conceded I don´t think that it would be a problem making it a public event and show in Japan the impact of the anime on the Mexican Marquet”


While having some form of celebrations to certain Animes it´s not something foreign here in México (the past year there was a cycle of conferences dedicated to Saint Seiya in the UNAM), it is the first time that a series has gained so much traction that even the governments has decided to ride that wave and give the people some entertainment in the form of a public showing of an anime, being this one the last cbattle between Goku and Jiren.

VIa: El Universal, Xataka (Spanish)

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