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The English Dub of One Piece is Returning; New Voice of Sabo Revealed

It’s a great time to be a One Piece fan. With the 20th anniversary of the anime and a new movie debuting this month, and the start of the Land of the Wano arc, Funimation was well aware of the demand for more of the English dub after the series went on break last summer. Announced yesterday, the company put out a confirmation video that they are working on adapting the Punk Hazard arc, beginning with episode 575.


No word on release date, but the video notes the first 13 episodes will be available “really soon.”

In related news, fans lucky enough to catch the English dub premiere of One Piece: Stampede ahead of its scheduled release on October 24th were treated to a first look at the new voice of Sabo. Via a Twitter user, the credits confirm that Johnny Yong Bosch voices the Revolutionary Army’s chief of staff.

Advertisement provides additional details:

For those needing an update on the character, Sabo is a fan-favorite rebel from One Piece. Born into high society, Sabo left his family behind as a child after learning of his world’s classist troubles. Sabo came to view Ace and Luffy as his adopted brothers, but the pair thought Sabo had died in a tragic accident. It turns out Sabo wasn’t quite dead, and Luffy has reunited with the man a few times since. In the past, voice actor Vic Mignogna did the English performance of Viz Media, but his recent fallout with the anime industry prompted a recasting of the character.

Bosch has given his first performance as Sabo in this new film, but fans have yet to give their opinion on the gig. After all, Funimation will not release One Piece: Stampede until October 24. But for now, public opinion seems to be in favor of Bosch tackling Sabo given his resume. In the past, Bosch has played characters like Ichigo Kurosaki as well as Jonathan Joestar and many others.


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