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The DilKokoro Podcast Episode 24- "Why Are You Disappointed, Dil?" (w Kinksy)

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On this episode, Kinksy is back to follow up on the awful, scarring shows he recommended Dil. After wrapping up the batch, he tries to reload more depressing anime.. Spoilers ahead!

Bokurano Ours: 1:40


Scum’s Wish: 7:00

Hi Score Girl: 12:44

Dorohedoro 13:45 (Dil only saw a few episodes at this point)


DanMachi 22:15

Punch Line! 36:09

Baccano! 52:13

Gunslinger Girl 1:02:00

From the New World 1:07:15

Gantz 1:11:46

M3 Dark Metal 1:20:45

World Conquest Zvezda Plot 1:27:23

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