Illustration for article titled The DilKokoro Podcast: Episode 11- Addressing Difficult Topics in the Dub Industry  Highlighting Positive Fan Interactions (w/ TheMamaLuigi)

On this episode, Dil is joined by TheMamaLuigi for a heated discussion about the whirlwind behind the Funimation vs Vic Mignogna story that has been rocking the anime dub community to its core. They look at things from an angle that has not been discussed frequently during the online debates in that the situation needed to be analyzed from an organizational and workplace facet. They also stress caution in the immediate “uncomfortable deflection” culture building around individuals electing to rely on memes for an escape from the discussion. After their discussion about this situation, they spend a good amount of time talking about positive interactions they had with various voice actors and giving shout outs to them for the same.


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