Not to mention it's working!

About a week ago, a few of us at Ani-TAY were alerted at the sight of a new "random button" on Crunchyroll. Obviously, we knew what it was supposed to do, but two questions arose; does it work, and how long will it be here for? Unfortunately, even though we collectively pressed the button 1000 times, none of us were able to get a random series that didn't start with a number, or the letter "A". Not too much time later did the button disappear entirely. Our worst nightmares were realized.

More of the past experience can be found in Protonstorm's article below:

So, as mentioned earlier, the button is working this time. My first five clicks ranged anywhere between Eyeshield 21 and Sunday Without God. Luckily, it seems that the entire catalogue is in play and I haven't got any repeats.

It's time to go on some random rampages guys! The only thing that could stop us is if they take it away from us again! Let's hope it stays for at least a while.


One funny thing to note, the old button was the "three" face, while the new button is the "two" face.


What does this whole thing mean to the average anime nerd? Well, that's simple.
Imagine sitting at your desk or in your bed. You just finished the newest episode of your favourite weekly series. Your video game friends are offline and you don't want to play a single player game. You look back to anime, but the next thing on your short list is that weird looking show that your one friend is always stuffing down your throat. He says it's "amazing", but he also said Space Dandy was "amazing". Your biased opinion of the show is too sour, so you feel like watching something else first. You realize that your entire short list is populated with shows that were brought there under the same circumstances as the first one. You sigh, "if only there was a way to just watch a show I know nothing about. I just want to be surprised! I just want to form my own opinions! I don't care if it's the best or worst show I've ever seen! I want to be the one shove weird anime down people's throats!" At that moment, you remember the "random button" article you saw on Ani-TAY. You think to yourself, "that run-on story that the author wrote is kind of like the situation I'm in now." Even so, the path is now clear to you. You head over to Crunchyroll and see the divine Random Button-aniki-sama. You press the button and are graced with an anime you've never heard of before. You think to yourself, "yeah! Let's have me some Momo-kyun Sword!" You proceed to watch the show without any preconceived notions or biased opinions. Conclusively, you say to yourself, "I don't see how this day could begin to take a bad turn."

Graceful dice eh:


If you want to try it out right now, or if it ever does disappear again here is the direct link: