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The Composer Seiji Yokoyama passes away

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He is more known for his works on Captain Harlock and Saint Seiya

On the Japanese newspapers it has been announced the sad news that the composer Seiji Yokoyama has passed away in July 8, at the age of 82 years old, the cause of the death was Pneumonia.

He was known for his orchestal arrangements on all his pieces of work. On the past, Saint Seiya´s Mangaka Masami Kurumada expressed that the 3 pillars of the succes of the Saint Seiya anime where: The character design of Shingo Araki (1939-2011), the voice of Touru Furuya as Seiya and the beautiful music made by Seiji Yokoyama.

Between his more famous works are: Space Adventures of Captain Harlock, Saint Seiya, Futureman 198x and Shouriki Sentai Ohranger.

Our prayers goes to his family and friends for their loss. He will be missed.

Via: Universo Saint Seiya (Spanish)


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