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The Comic of Radiant is getting an Anime adaptation

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Based on the French Comic of the same name

NHK has announced that an anime version based on Tony Valente´s Comics “Radiant” is in the works.


Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!) is directing the anime at Studio Lerche; Daisei Fukuoka is credted as series drector.

Crunchyroll describes the story as follows:

“The story of Radiant follows Seth, a hot-blooded and headstrong magician-in-training who aims to defeat the Nemesis, a race of monsters that descend from the sky and wreak havoc on human settlements. After a huge Nemesis attacks his home town, Seth embarks on a quest to find the legendary land of “Radiant” - the nesting ground of the Nemesis - and destroy the monsters once and for all.”


Via: Crunchyroll Latín América (Spanish)

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