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The Tyrannosaurus Series made by Tatsuya Miyanishi are some Children´s Book based on the adventures of a Tyrannosaurus. And now will get it second film that will premier on this Summer.


Miyanashi is serving as the Producer, and alongside her is Hisao Masuda, both of them are writing the Scenario. Which are based on the Books : Aishite Kurete Arigato (Thank You for Loving Me) and Deaete Honto ni Yokatta (It Was Truly Good to Meet You).

The First Movie centers around a Tyrannosaurus who after encountering a Baby Ankylosaurus and telling him <<<Gao! Omae Umasou Dana ("Rawr! You look delicious.")>>> but in the end decides to adopt the baby and raising as his own.


Kazumi Nonaka (Happy Happy Clover) will be the Director; Hideki Tarayama (Magical Gir Lyric Nanoha Second Movie) is the Unit Director.

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