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With each season comes a new batch of music, and I’d be lying if I said that isn’t pretty much the part of each season I get the most excited about. I’ve got another group of some excellent songs here from the Fall 2015 anime season, so give them a listen!


As always, I can’t include everything (it would take too long and I’d likely forget something anyways), so my apologies if something isn’t on here. It’s also worth mentioning that since music is very subjective, if <song x> isn’t quite where you want it on the list, too bad. I love all this music and much of this list was very difficult to decide, so when one song is a place lower than the other it doesn’t really mean I think it was worse, I just personally enjoyed the other song more.

17. Oshiete Blue Sky

MP3 here.

Artist: Ayaka Ohashi

Anime: Comet Lucifer

Why I Picked This One: This one BARELY made it on here, mostly because the electronic bits with the bells and echo chamber sound effect in the chorus were pretty cool.


16. Calling My Twilight

Artist: Itou Kanako

Anime: Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon

Why I Picked This One: This electronic ending theme was probably the best part of 35th Platoon which, honestly, I dropped pretty quickly. The song is great though.


15. Dear Answer

Artist: TRUE

Anime: The Bones Underneath Sakurako’s Feet

Why I Picked This One: It’s a very stylistically unique and interesting song. The opening portion and the bits in-between verses have some fun electronic effects. True’s been hitting it big since singing the opening theme for Sound! Euphonium in the Spring 2015 season.


14. Dear Brave

Artist: Kano

Anime: Heavy Object

Why I Picked This One: I really liked this ending theme, it’s calm and sweet and nothing too crazy. The singer’s voice is also very smooth and flowing.



Artist: BRADIO

Anime: Peeping Life

Why I Picked This One: From the makers of Death Parade’s opening comes the super fun ‘Hotel Alien’. If you liked their previous work, you’ll like this one as well. I love Bradio’s fun spirit they always put into all their music, and this song is no exception. Don’t question the music video.


12. Nana Hitsuji

MP3 here.

Artist: Scenario Art

Anime: The Perfect Insider

Why I Picked This One: I wouldn’t say I was as blown away by this as I was by the opening theme (more on that later), but there was definitely a nice artsy vibe to this track that works well both in and out of context with the show.


11. Nirvana…

Artist: Supercell with Tia

Anime: Noragami

Why I Picked This One: Supercell writer Ryo hasn’t worked with Tia since Captain Earth last year, but they have returned! This one has some cool sound effects and a nice flute part to go along with Tia’s voice, and is a nice addition to this season’s musical lineup.


10. I’m a Believer

MP3 here, since the music video is only for part of the song :(

Artist: SPYAIR

Anime: Haikyuu!!

Why I Picked This One: SPYAIR gave the first season of Haikyuu!! the deluxe treatment and does it again in this fun and upbeat rock song. My favorite moment is the bridge’s key shift, I love it when singers do that.


9. Raise Your Flag


Anime: Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Why I Picked This One: It’s return of a new version of yelling ‘database’ at the top of your lungs, this time as ‘raise your flag’. But seriously (as if I wasn’t being serious), MAN WITH A MISSION is back with another excellent rock song, this time for Gundam. Check it out.


8. Waiting for the Rain

MP3 here.

Artist: Maaya Sakamoto

Anime: The Asterisk War

Why I Picked This One: Not only is this song in English and sung by a Japanese singer, it’s in perfect English. This should be a testament both to Sakamoto’s beautiful voice and composer Rasmus Faber’s excellent abilities. I was super surprised at how tranquil and modern this song was, and I’m sure you were/will be too.


7. Identity

Here’s an MP3 of the full version (since I couldn’t find a video).

Artist: Mikio Sakai

Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Why I Picked This One: Definitely one of the surprises of the season, Chivalry’s opening theme was actually quite good. I really enjoyed Sakai’s robust voice and unique sound. The trumpets were also pretty effective, don’t see that in a rock song very often.


6. Oracion

MP3 here.

Artist: Nagi Yanagi

Anime: Seraph of the End

Why I Picked This One: Nagi Yanagi, much like most singers this high on my list, has an excellent voice. ‘Oracion’ is a perfect example of this, having a mix of soft and quiet portions bordering on ballads to fast and powerful sections. The lead-up from the verses to the chorus also feature an excellent ritardando (decrease in tempo) that makes for cool effect.


5. Brand-new World

MP3 here.

Artist: Shiena Nishizawa

Anime: The Asterisk War

Why I Picked This One: She’s baaack! Back all the way in my Winter 2015 music list, Nishizawa’s first single ‘Fubuki’ was also towards the top of the list, and I said that I was super excited for her return. Fortunately, her return is even better than before, as this excellent rock song perfectly showcases her powerful voice. I especially love in the chorus when she goes a bit vibrato on a short high note, I would sometimes rewind just to hear those portions because they’re pretty great.



Artist: JAM Project

Anime: One Punch Man

Why I Picked This One: This is by far the most epic song this season. JAM Project’s take on One Punch Man’s opening theme is basically a godlike song that I have zero complaints with, much like most of the songs at this point in the list. I would have said that this is best paired with anime (which is still partially true), but it wouldn’t do the music video above enough justice. It’s also worth noting that the full version’s bridge is a choir-like moment of all the singers combined, epic.


3. The Seed and the Sower

Artist: fhana

Anime: Comet Lucifer

Why I Picked This One: Okay come on, you knew this would be up here. fhana is back once again with an excellent single at the levels of last season’s ‘Wonder Stella’. ‘The Seed and the Sower’ employs a lot of similar tactics to the previous single in terms of unconventional pattern and rhythm, which is probably why I love it so much. Lead singer towana’s ability to smoothly transition between individual notes and different keys is quite impressive and is utilized effectively.


2. Kyouran Hey Kids!!

Artist: The Oral Cigarettes

Anime: Noragami Aragoto

Why I Picked This One: I liked this song from the beginning, but much like fine wine it got better with age and is now one of the greats from this season. The Oral Cigarettes are a pretty excellent Japanese rock band, and the opening guitar portion of this song really gives you that notion from the get-go. However, it’s the stylistic effects like the drum set right before the chorus that really sell it for me.


1. Talking


Anime: The Perfect Insider

Why I Picked This One: It’s funny how every season there’s kind of one song that is by far my favorite without a question. In this case, ‘Talking’ by KANA-BOON takes the top spot for me. Interestingly enough, this song actually came out back in May and was re-released and modified slightly this fall for the anime. I really love the kind of chill rock yet at the same time epic vibes I get from this one, it has super high replay value.


Note: I cheated slightly with the full version, the video I linked above is actually from the original release of the song. Still great though.

Since this post was actually on time this season, I don’t have a best OST for you since most of them aren’t even out yet, but I can tell you that the likely winner would be The Asterisk War since Scandinavian composer Rasmus Faber did a really wonderful job with it. He also wrote the ending theme for the show, as I mentioned earlier, so that can give you a bit of a sample for the sound.


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This is the first in my series of reviews for the Fall 2015 anime season. Here’s the full list (I will link them as they release):

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