The Anime of Z/X Code Reunion is coming in 2019

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Based on the manga of the same name

During a live-Stream for the Z/X game franchise has announced that the upcoming anime based on the manga “Z/X Code Reunion” will be coming in 2019.


Yoshifumi Sueda (Rail Wars) is directing the anime at Studio Passione; Tatsuhiko Surata (Rokka: Brave Six Flowers) is in charge of the scripts.

Anime News Network describes the game´s story as follows:

“The story of the original game is set in the not-so-distant future. Five “Black Points” suddenly appeared around the world as portals to parallel worlds. Immediately after, strange creatures began their invasion from these portals. These creatures are the inhabitants of five worlds — the same worlds in different timeframes. In order to ensure their own future timeframe survives, each of the five invasion forces battle to wipe the other future timeframes out. The key is one card-shaped device.”


Via: Anime News Network

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