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The anime of "The seven Heavenly Virtues" has been announced

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The other face of the “Seven Mortal Sins” anime

Do you remember the anime of “Seven Mortal Sins” that aired this spring? Yeah the one where the mortal sins were transformed into hot chicks and was heavy on the fan service (nothing wrong with that). Well a “Sister” project has been announced were we will see the other side of the coin, now on to the ehavenly gates and seeing the happenings of the seven heavenly virtues.


A teaser video ahs ben shown:

Anime News Network describes the story as follows:

“In the show’s story, the “Seven Mortal Sins,” demons from hell, have pressed forward and have started to spread their plague. Heaven is in chaos, and the angels of the “Seven Heavenly Virtues” are sent to Earth to search for a candidate to become the <<<true messiah>>>”


Shinji Ishihara (Fairy Tail) is directing the anime at Studio Bridge; Ni0 is credited as the original character designer while the anime designer is Masanori Lizuka.

Via: Anime News Network


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