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First in both Animax and Amazon Prime video; Tv premiere will appear later that month


Some pages of the Akita Shoten Champion RED has been leaked and it has shown a new visual key, which you can see above;the premiere date and also data about the opening, endings, character songs and the soundtrack.

First of all in December 10 is the premiere via streaming in both services: Playstation Animax and Amazon Prime Video; On Christmas eve the premiere on Tv via the channel ANimax will be held with a special of the first 2 chapters and continuing the programationa fter that; finally the channel D Animax will air the chapters in early January.


Now on the songs. The Opening will be called “The Beautiful Brave” and the singers will be the voice actors in charge of Shoko, Saori/Athena, Mii and Kyoko/Eris.

The ending is called “Honoemi no Resonance” and the voices of SHoko and Kyoko will be the ones singing it.


A character song is in the works too and will feautre M.A.O. in her role of Kyoko/Eris and the song is called “Arasoi shi ni yuku mono-tachi ni shukufuku”.

Finally, the Original Soundtrack will be sold in December 26 and the music is composed by Toshihiko Sahashi whow as in charge of both Saint Seiya: Omega and Sailt Seiya -Soul of Gold-


The manga is being published in the USA and Canada via Seven Seas Entertainment.

Via: Geek U facebook page (Spanish)

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