From the leaked pages of the newest Akita Shoten CHampion RED

Some pages of the newest Akita Shoten CHampion RED has been leaked, and they have shown a new visual for the upcoming anime of Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho, where we can see Equuleus Shoko, Scorpion Milo, Leo Aioria, and the Patriarch.

What it is written it has been translated as follows (Via Next Dimension):

“On this opportunity we will show 3 new information deliveries!! The production of the Anime is progressin in excellent conditions!! It has been published the second visual of Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho!! Toei Animation, who is in charge of the Saint Seiya´s Animations, is producing this palpitant Galactic Myth about Fighting Girls! Until Now it is chasing a high quality that the Fans Wants, the production keeps advancing diligently!! The details will be presented in the future! Please keep looking forward to it!”


Yeah... For some reason the image and famous quote of Satoru Iwata (R.I.P.) came to my mind saying :“Please Understand”.

At the same time the announcement of both the Live Action Movie and the upcoming Netflix series.

Still what we can see here on the visual, since Aioria and the Patriarch are in there is that the anime will cover at the very least the first 3 arcs of the manga: First battle Against Eris; Sanctuary Arc Saintia Version; Second Battle Against Eris. Thing that it´s good since if it would have covered only the first one it would have been too short and not all the characters would have been presented.


In any case and for the last bit, here are some postal cards for the upciming Volume 10 of the manga!


BTW the Mangaka has shown interest in putting their characters in showing more about their daily lives; but since such things are just fighting then...It seems that the only way to do it is with the Post cards.

Via: Next Dimension/Jorge Geminis (Spanish)