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The Anime of Inuyashiki will premier this October

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From the same mind who brought us Gantz.

The official website of Inuyashiki has uploaded a new video which you can see bellow:

Goboiano describes the story as follows:

Inuyashiki follows an elderly-looking man who receives a mechanical body after an extraterrestrial explosion. He uses his newfound powers to save people from illness and crime. However, a teenager was also exposed to the explosion, but he uses his powers to kill innocents for amusement. One day, these two people will cross paths and meet their fates.”


Keiichi Satou (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis) is the Chief director while Shuhei Yabuta (Attack on Titan 3D Animator) is directing it at Studio MAPPA.

Via: Goboiano

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