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The anime of Fairy Tail will come back this Fall

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Hiro Mashima´s new manga will premier this June

Fairy Tail´s Mangaka Hiro Mashima has revealed via twitter new information regarding the future of fairy Tail and his professional work.


First he revealed that the anime is planned to come back in the fall season, and the anime will cover until the end of the story.

Also Mashima has revealed that his new manga will premier on June 27 in the Kodansha Weekly Shounen Magazine; the manga will be a weekly one, at the same time 2 new Fairy Tail´s mangas are being worked on, one is a sequel and the other a spinoff; it is still unknown what role Mashima will be involved with since his new manga is a new work not related to Fairy Tail.


Via: Crunchyroll Latín América (Spanish)

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