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Hey everyone! Recently, there has been a huge influx in new commenters and writers, which is super awesome! However, there is a small issue that I need to address concerning this that probably (definitely, I am certain) has not been made clear.


The established system for review claiming in general has lined up thusly: reviews for the current season will be claimed following the posting of the "shows you should watch Spring 2015" collaboration article. Obviously, this was something that was NOT made clear for you guys, which I apologize for. We weren't prepared for all the enthusiasm you have brought to the table. The spreadsheet, which marks claimed reviews, already has several new people claiming early, and we would appreciate it if those claims were removed so that we can proceed with claiming later in the season as we initially planned.

Furthermore, as noted in the survey, a large portion of our readership enjoys reading reviews the most out of all the articles we put out here at Ani-TAY. This is reflective of the great amount of time and effort put into these to insure prime quality for each review on the part of our authors. As such, it is preferable that you have sharpened your teeth in the world of writing before signing up for an official review, so that both the community and you yourself know you are ready for the task. Maybe write a personal review on an older show ( feel free to check the spreadsheet to see if something hasn't been reviewed yet), or give impressions on something, or even write an opinion piece! It's up to you! Authorship is a relatively easy thing to earn here, if you love writing about anime and your work reflects that you can expect to have it very quickly.


All in all, I thought it was important in fairness for both new and old authors that I clarified these general guidelines. While the process of review-claiming may follow greater guidelines in the future (the results from the survey will influence a change in policy, such as stricter claiming guidelines or the ability for multiple people to post reviews), for now we ask that you follow our general agreements so we can all participate in the review process. Thanks!

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