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The Ani-TAY Podcast: Comedy Week Edition

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Well, hey there! I bet you didn’t think this would exist! Fortunately, the brilliant minds behind Ani-TAY bring you another, super special bonus episode of the podcast. However, we’ve changed up the formula...slightly... so you all are in for a surprise! Make sure to stick around for the whole thing, trust me. Enjoy.

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Disclaimer: Protonstorm most definitely did not kidnap Ani-TAY authors for this social experiment, they were most definitely willing volunteers.


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START - 01:09

Segment One

Dexomega Days

1:10 - 6:50

Matt x Kei-chan: A Cosmic Love Story

6:51 - 11:22

Arigatou’s Bizzare Adventure

11:23 - 15:53

The Middle of Nowhere: Wild Kansas

15:53 - 21:17

Segment Two - Pain...Agony...

Kevin Cries

21:18 - 22:29

The Maelware Test

22:30 - 24:03

Kevin Cries Harder

24:04 - 30:15

Stanlick Gets Stabbed

30:16 - 35:48

Maelware Test Concludes

35:49 - 39:55

Krakken Gets Harpooned

39:56 - 45:44

Protonstorm Goes Silent

45:45 - 54:40

Maelwys Spouts Nonsense/Kevin Announces His Love for Angel Beats

54:41 - 57:21


57:22 - 1:01:14

Ending Theme

1:01:40 - END

A special thanks to Krakken for some ideas about the podcast, and Kevin for editing.

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