Every once in a blue moon, I go crazy. Not your stereotypical joker crazy, I but I get a crazy craving for human flesh. Joking aside, sometimes I just want to get the pants scared out of me and normally I hate getting so scared that it can be hard to sleep at night. Recently, I've been watching a lot of videos on Five Nights at Freddy's and that has been scratching this particular masochistic itch of mine. So today, join me as we explore the depths of the horror manga, 6000.

Our story takes place in the state of the art mining facility, the Cofdeece, which is six thousand meters below sea level. Although this facility is state of the art, its history has been rocky ever since a certain incident that occurred three years ago, which resulted in Cofdeece's shut down. Now, a Chinese company has bought up the company that used to own Cofdeece, leaving Kadokura Kengo and his friend Danzaki out of the job. Wishing to keep a steady salary, Kengo and Danzaki follow their new assignments to help manage Cofdeece. Unfortunately, Danzaki is immediately injured on the job and Kengo is left alone in a facility full of strangers, six thousand meters away from safety.

The Atmosphere

6000 nails the dark and claustrophobic nature of Cofdeece. The workers are constantly assuring each other that the facility is safe despite its history and location. Also, Cofdeece itself looks pretty creepy because it has the air of a decrepit house that trying to mask its faults by covering them with new technology. For example, Cofdeece feels safe and state of the art most of the time with its new and fancy furnishings, but it never shakes the claustrophobic feeling it gives off because of little space there is in Cofdeece. Being in Cofdeece is like being in a coffin. It's dark and cramped no matter how nice the interior is and it feels inescapable.


The Story

Though the setting is awesome, 6000 doesn't really do much with it narrative wise. What I mean is that you could change up many of the main elements, characters, or even the setting and the story would basically play out the same. It's really disappointing because the setting is so cool, but the manga just doesn't try to do anything cool. It just reads like a straightforward horror manga and I could basically tell the out come of the series about half way through the manga. I will admit that there were so really cool things in the manga like the reason for why the incident three years ago occurred or how one character got cut in half by water, but overall the flow of the manga left me feeling cold.


The Horror

As you could gather in the last paragraph, the story of 6000 is rather bland and it's unfortunate that the horror it too. The biggest problem I had with the horror in this manga was that it lacked imagination. Basically every single monster that appears in the series looks like a naked human with a bag on their head, which is unfortunate because there are crazy humans with bags on their heads that are running around Cofdeece naked towards the end of the series and I kept getting them mixed up. On the other hand, 6000 knows how to build a horrific atmosphere by using its blood and gore effectively, while mixing in dark and creepy scenes to build tension. It's just a shame that the pay off for all the build up is rather bland.


The Characters

I'm kinda on the fence for this section because most of the characters are just general character archetypes, but their decision to actually work at Cofdeece would have nabbed all of them a Darwin award. I see no reason for why any people would want to work at Cofdeece. It is literally a death trap because there is only one path to go to and fro from Cofdeece and it takes four hours for a one-way trip. So, if something wrong happens in the facility, basically everyone in Coefdeece is screwed. Unless a person is incredibly stupid and desperate, I see no reason for them to actually go to Cofdeece in the first place. The only real saving grace about the cast is the main character, Kengo because his motivations for being Cofdeece are clear and in line with his character. By showing who Kengo is in the first few chapters, it's easier to get invested in Kengo's struggles because we can understand how a few bad, yet logical, decisions got Kengo into this situation. Also, the side characters aren't too interesting, but they aren't offensive either. They are basically board archetypal characters that serve to push the story along, but a few of them do have some interesting developments through the series. As a whole, the cast of 6000 feels disposable, but they have some characters that stand out.


6000 is only ok. It follows the standards of the horror genre closely, while also not trying to take it into any interesting directions. The story, characters, and the horror itself just felt generic because none of these elements tried to work of other elements in the manga. It just felt like 6000 was trying to scare me without getting me invested in the manga. I will admit that I really liked the setting of the manga though because the manga was able to execute so well by going into great detail of what it would be like to live in a place like Cofdeece. Though there were some good parts to 6000, I feel like 6000 could have been so much more than an average horror manga if more thought was put into it.


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