Hello everyone and well come to another TAY Digest. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this. So let’s hope I’m not rusty. Anyways, it’s that time of season where the tyranny of the sun is upon us and the only way to escape it is to dig yourself a hole to hibernate in. Or you could just stay in the shade, but I digress. So while you find some way to keep yourself cool, here’s some mangas you can enjoy while beating the heat.

Spirit Migration

Summer Synopsis: Everyone knows the best way to say cool is to stay underground and the disembodied spirit, Kou, certainly knows this. Kou is so committed to staying cool that he plans to stay in the fantasy dungeon that he woke up in with no memories and physically can’t leave. It’s no like he wanted to go outside or anything. Heck, he doesn’t even need to go outside because he can posses any of the monsters in the dungeon and mess around in the monster’s body, like helping adventurers or sacrificing his current meat ride to get a cooler one.

My Thoughts: For a fantasy series, Spirit Migration puts enough of a spin on its initial set up to keep me invested in the series. Specifically, Spirit Migration basically tells a fantasy-based story from the perspective of an animal, which is something I haven’t seen before and is executed in an interesting way. I also like, how whenever Kou posses an animal, he makes it 10 times more adorable than its wild counter part. So, if you’re looking for a manga whose main character is a pet type character, then I suggest you check this manga out.

Chapters Available: 6

Scalation Group: /ak/ Scans

Can be read here

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Summer Synopsis: You know what sucks? having your own bat cave be 90 degrees F no matter what you do. So you are inevitably you are forced to go else where preferable with AC to cool off. In this series, the way the main character tries to keep cool is by reincarnating as a slime… after he’s stabbed to death… Well, that’s certainly one way to try to keep cool.


My Thoughts: Honestly, I don’t like the direction this series is going. Basically, it feels like every other transported to another world series except the main character is a slime and all the supporting characters are non humans. Also, it’s quite clear from the outset that the main character is incredibly overpowered with not too much of a personality besides nice guy. Though this isn’t a bad thing in itself, it makes the series feel like many of the other LN to manga adaptions out there. Although I’m having these problems, there is still time for this series to break out of this mold and become something more interesting.

Chapters Available: 3

Scalating Group: Alyschu

Can be read here

Dungeon Meshi

Summer Summary: After getting his butt kicked in a dungeon and having his sister eaten by a dragon, Lyos and his band of adventures were feeling down and needed some sun shine to cheer them up. Unfortunately since Lyos and his band were professional spelunkers, naturally they are light adverse. So they couldn’t enjoy the sun like normal people. With no other options, Lyos and his band went straight back into a dungeon and low and behold, something cheerful happens to them. They found that barbequing dungeon monsters could bring the joy of summer to them underground. Now Lyos and his friends set off to see what other delicacies can be made from dungeon monsters and possibly rescue Lyos’ sister before she becomes dragon poo.


My Thoughts: From the very first chapter, I know this series will be pretty interesting because it understands what the main draw of the series is discovery and executes it well. Dungeon Meshi not only focuses on what the main characters can cook, but it gives a holistic view of how each monster is prepared for consumption as well as having the main cast talk about actually eating the dungeon monster dish. All these actions makes the series feel authentic and makes me wonder what monster they will eat next, how they will prepare it and how they will react to it. Though I do find Dungeon is interesting, I have to admit that it’s art style is pretty subpar. Despite its poor art, I still wish I could read more Dungeon Meshi

Chapters Available: 1

Scanlation Groups: Habanero Scans and Psylocke Scans

Can be read here

Dagashi Kashi

Summer Summary: Nothing says summer quite like an ice cold coca cola. Unfortunately, you bought into Coca Cola’s marketing too much last summer and now you need to burn off those extra pounds. So like any otaku, you say, “screw that” and continue to merge with your chair in your air conditioned room, while reading manga.


If you fit the criteria I listed above… or don’t then reading a manga about Japanese candy as explained by Owain from Fire Emblem Awakening might help you burn away these hours under the tyranny of the sun.

My Thoughts: Dagashi is pretty average for all the effort it puts into its jokes. Almost every single joke or action in the series is basically one or two character over reacting to some candy. This is a fine set up, but a lot of the times the punchlines for these jokes run on for too long and the jokes come basically one character every single time, which gets stale rather quickly. If you’re looking to read something short and moderately informative, then this series might be worth your time.


Chapters Available: 13

Scanlation Group: Café con Lenin

Can be read here

Word Master

Summer Summary: During Summer, many people go on vacation to places like Antarctica or Hawaii (if they’re weird), but usually they choose when they go on vacation. Unfortunately for Okamura Hiiro, some of his classmates had the gall to get summoned to another world near him and he happened to get pulled along with them. So when the king of the realm who summoned them asked the group of kids to help save the realm, Hiiro promptly takes the opportunity to tell everyone, “screw you guys I’m going home” and leaves the kingdom. Now out of the clutches of a standard fantasy set up, Hiiro wonders the land, being a jerk to anyone he encounters while looking for a way home.


My Thoughts: This series feels like Sword Art Online except there’s no sci fi and Hiiro is slightly more entertaining that Kirito. Hiiro feels like your standard YA fantasy teen protagonist in that he’s pretty strong for no reason and he has elements of being a wish fulfillment character. Although Hiiro does have these traits, his selfishness sets him apart from his peers because it creates many amusing interactions between him and the supporting characters. Also, from the little I’ve seen, the series is attempting to build on the world while developing Hiiro’s character, while is admirable, needs a little more frame work because the bits of the world we’ve been shown don’t feel cohesive quite yet. If you’re looking to get into something new, Word Master might be a good series to pick up.

Chapters Available: 8

Scanlation Group: Hot Chocolate Scans

Can be read here

Nejimaki Seirei Senki

Summer Summary: Getting stranded on a desert island has to be a summer nightmare. There will almost be no shade, there are possibly dangerous animals on that island and the tyranny of the sun will be inescapable. The main characters of this series have the misfortune of experiencing this nightmare. While on their to take an advanced military examination, an act of god strands our main characters on a desert island… well more like within the borders of an enemy nation… with one their nation’s royalty in tow. Using their wits, our main characters must get back to their homeland using their military skills and wits.


My Thoughts: Out of all the mangas on this list, this series is the best. Nejimaki understands how show military tactics in action. It pain stakingly takes the time to show all the cards the main characters can play and the possible outcome for each one and how those results could affect them. By doing this the manga got me invested in the stress the characters were going through while trying to solve their predicament. Plus, the main character is incredibly fun to be around. Not only is he a skilled tactician, but he’s also has an incredibly smart mouth. I just love how he can lighten the mood, while also handling serious situations well without straying too far from his laid back attitude. The only issue I found with this manga was that there wasn’t more of it for me to read.

Chapters Available: 9

Scanlation Group: One Time Scans

Can be read here

There you have it folks. 6 mangas that will make you forget the notion that your laptop has just caught fire from overheating. Now stay cool and have a great 4th of July. I know I will cus my laptop just caught fire and nothing could feel better than no typing on a keyboard that has just turned to lava.