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I’m pleased to announce that frequent author Protonstorm has ascended to adminship, joining the existing team of Morie and I. Please give him a warm welcome and continue your regularly scheduled anime.

Admin’s Note: Regarding the counterpoint article to the Leave MAL article yesterday, the author has decided to delete the article due to its emotionally charged nature. He never intended to defend any ideology and the intended effect was supposed to be to reiterate that one wrong is not necessarily enough to abandon

Admin Blimp: Be aware that posting to the tag “Ani-TAY Podcast” (and “AniTAY Podcast”) on the Ani-TAY Blog is now regulated. You can not post things to this tag without approval from the admins.

Admin Notice: The region-locking articles have been temporarily pulled back until the admins are able to discuss the issue further. Update: Exception temporarily given to Messiah on appeal.

Hey you! You want to write an official Ani-TAY review? Well there’s just a few things you’ll need to know before you get to writing that Ani-TAY review, and I’ll outline them in this blimp.

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