Three Different Anime Series That Tackle the Super Hero/Super Powers Genre (Plus Some Rambling Thoughts on Other Anime:  From “A.I.C.O Incarnation” to “Fate/Zero”)

Inspired by stellastar42’s “Junji Ito Collection” articles, I want to introduce people to three enjoyable anime series that tackle the “super hero/powers” genre, each with their own unique takes and well worth watching if you’re new to watching anime and looking for a good place to start. I also wanted to drop a few

Why Re:Zero's Subaru is a Flawed Character, Explained Through The Hero Complex & Fate/stay night

During this last few seasons, a little show called Re:Zero has taken the the anime community by storm, being an interesting deconstruction of the “Trapped in a Video Game”* sub genre popularized by SAO. It’s not without reason, as White Fox has created a fantastic work with Re:Zero... but it’s not without flaws, a…