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Sunday AniTAY Cafe: The Feel Good Edition 5

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The 5th one?? 

NomadicDec: Last year I thanked you for “k pop,” but to be honest I’m regretting it now because jonuiuc and gugsy have totally hijacked the music chat and turned it into k-pop. Anyways, it’s been another excellent year of memes. I always enjoy our late night conversations and hope that they continue for a long time to come. 


Dilkokoro: You’re always up for all sorts of different projects, and it’s really great to have your enthusiasm to encourage me along the way for my random ideas. I think you’re the person I talk to the most and it’s been good getting to know you even more this past year.

Dex: Thank you for your support you’ve always lent towards my AniTAY projects, and of course thank you for the adminship!


hybridmink and TheMamaLuigi: I’m glad that you guys have joined the AniTAY community. I think that your frequent participation in the chat has made the group much more lively and fun. Let’s keep working on different stuff together!


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