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Today is Valentine’s Day, and in the grand AniTAY tradition I am reviving the Cafe once again to give everyone a chance to give shout-outs to other members of the community. Here are mine:

Raitzeno: Hah I surprised you by putting you up first. You totally didn’t see this coming. I feel like this is obvious, but I think it needs to be said that I really appreciate your work with the Discord channel. Ever since you made it, you’ve always been very responsive to fixing issues/adding things and monitoring the chat and I’m not sure if anyone has outright said it but thanks.


Cheroro, Morie, Nan and Shade: This also may seem like a weird grouping, but lately my Japanese language studies have been a very central part of my life and you have all been encouraging in different ways.

Gugsy: You’ve really taken up the mantle with projects such as the seasonal collab recently, and for better or worse have become a big part of the heart of the community. I feel like you care a lot about the community and have definitely picked up the slack from some of us this past year.


Matt, Dilkokoro, and the rest of the Taykobon staff: Thanks for your work this past year. Although our involvement in the project has more-or-less come to an end, it was a really fantastic time that was only made possible by all of you. And to Matt, thanks again for lunch back in August.

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And now it’s your turn! Let’s thank some people in the comments!

For those of you visiting for the first time (or not, I don’t know) and wondering just what exactly you’re looking at right now, here’s a document explaining our blog and wonderful community:


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