Some of you might remember that last year on Valentine’s Weekend the AniTAY Cafe was a place to thank other members of the community. Well, that’s exactly what it is again, except this time it’s literally on Valentine’s Day. For those of you that missed/weren’t here last year, basically you write nice things about people like so:

To Matt (mdubs): I said this last year, but I feel like it needs to be said again: thank you for your incredible enthusiasm. Working with you on Taykobon for the past ten months has been an awesome experience that wouldn’t have been even remotely possible without the amount of effort and enthusiasm you put into the project. The amount of times you’ve thought up brilliant ways to make things work that I never even imagined (Taykobon twitter game = strong) is more than I can count. Here’s to another year of good times.

To MaelwysSC113: You’re a nerd but I’ve managed to put up with you for a while now so I guess you’re okay. I’ve enjoyed our dumb late night conversations for what is now going on a year, and appreciate you having my back in numerous other discussions. By the way, the show I choose for you to watch this season is Grimgar. I had ‘MMO character choosing screen’ syndrome on which show so I haven’t said so until now. But anyways, your waifu choices may be trash but at least we talk it out at 3 in the morning while listening to fhana.

To MementoMorie: I didn’t know you all that well yet when you became an AniTAY admin, but I’m glad you joined the ‘Boys’ Club’ that was AniTAY. It’s hard to put into words, but I’d say that your influence has made this community a better place over the past year, especially as you’ve handled so many of the social aspects of AniTAY from the social media accounts to discussing things with the other authors. On a more individual level, it’s been great to get to know you and commiserate about various things. Thanks for being so approachable.

To Stanlick: Thanks for always helping me out with lots of stuff. I say stuff as a vague term because it would be difficult to somehow group everything into one specific category. To give a specific example, when you did the AniTAY Art Club back in the summer, we had a skype call where you listened to me say random things while complaining about my drawing abilities for like three hours as I drew my submission. I literally never draw anything, so that should give you an idea of your influence. Also, thanks for the Tim Hortons, now I’ll know what to expect when the revolution happens.


Technically, I promised myself to restrict myself to three as I did last year but I ended up doing four. Look at it this way: I’m a CS major, so as far as I’m concerned this array’s index starts at 0 and ends at 3. It’s also worth mentioning that I have a bunch of things to thank plenty of you for, so I might not be able to resist posting more later. Thanks to all of you guys for making this community work! Your turn now in the comments!

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