Halloween will be hitting before the next cafe so the time is now!

1) What is your favorite ‚Äėhorror‚Äô anime?

2) What is the most spooky anime music you know?

It’s hard to say what my favorites and such are, but when I watched Corpse Party for Project Hydra last year it was surprisingly good. Horror movies aren’t really all that scary for me usually (and I think that’s the same for most people), but I can still tell the good apart from the bad, subjectively speaking.

Here’s some music:

I’ve been listening through the SAO OST lately so naturally I picked a selection from it. Suspenseful, eh?\


Header from Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches.

Storytime with Storm

By the way guys, TAY is doing a whole ‚Äėrename your kinja screen name to something Halloween-y (hence ‚ÄėMichael Burns - Protonstorm of EVIL‚Äô (It may not scare you but the sass is real)), so you guys should join me and them in making your names more Halloween-y. Maybe like ‚ÄėDexomega of the Dead‚Äô or something.


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