On August 22nd of each year, we here at AniTAY celebrate the most glorious of holidays: the day of birth for our lord and savior, Dex-sama. Because of this, for today’s topic I would like everyone to tell us what Dexomega means to you. I will go first:

Dexomega is the wind beneath my wings. Every day I wake up, thank Dexomega for being alive, and handle every issue by thinking to myself, “What would Dex do?”

(Or feel free to discuss anime by checking the prompt below the video, I think we do that on this site sometimes.)

Header from Dexomega Days.

Storytime With Storm

Dexomega bro

I say happy birthday man

That is about it

Alternative Topic

For those of you that somehow find themselves unable to put Dexomega’s glory into words, let’s talk about shows we think get way too much negative discussion about.


For me, I would say that Sword Art Online gets waaaaay too much hate. Like, it isn’t a matter of if you liked the show or not or even if you think that it was bad. There are just too many people who like to rant that it is one of the worst anime of all time, which guess what, it’s not. I respect opinions of people who think the show is bad, but anyone who attempts to argue that it is a 1/10 doesn’t know what they are talking about in my mind, end of story.

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