Hey guys, Krakken here and I’m running the Café today. So for today’s specials we have some wonderful topics: 1) The “anime” School you would want to attend, 2) Your pick for an Anime to blow peoples minds and 3) If you were in a Host club, what would your role be?

As for myself I would:

1) Want to join the DWMA, which would be awesome!

2) I recently had the privilege of deciding the Anime line up at my University, and was joyus at the shocked faces during Aquarion EVOL’s 1st episodes final moments.

3) I would... ugh be the butler at the door to a host club... tuxedos are cool!

Today on Café TV:

The AMV Transmutayshun by Ileia - a current favorite I saw at Animethon (FMA:B SPOILERS!!!)

The OP Of Aquarion Logos which I quite like:

and an interesting video on Cutie Honey by MovieBob


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