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Sunday AniTAY Café

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So I was thinking about trying to ask a question that was more directly related to AniTAY instead of anime in general, and it hit me that there’s a question I’ve never asked that would actually be a fun thing to do relatively regularly: favorite AniTAY articles. Since this is the first time doing this, I’m going to ask: What is your favorite AniTAY article that comes to mind immediately? This could be anything from the past couple of years, although if I use this question again in the future I might ask like ‘favorite article this month’ or something. I don’t know.


My favorite article that comes to mind immediately would be Stanlick’s Cooking with AniTAY series. Since I’m supposed to talk about one article, I’ll say the first one. Obviously, this is hardly a hipster kind of choice I’m making here (it’s one of the most viewed AniTAY articles at 125k views and growing), but it was really good both because they actually made the food and because the gifs were hilarious attempts at mirroring the impossible moments in the anime.


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Storytime with Storm

Busy times, busy times. I’m back from my two-week cafe absence now, although I’m going to be super busy as per usual. Naka-kon starts this upcoming Friday, so I am preparing a super cool AniTAY presentation for the panel. On top of that, lots of Taykobon things and such, so you’ll continue to see my name pop up on AniTAY frequently (you can’t stop me). I actually do have a funny story if you people are interested though. Yesterday, I was at a Thai restaurant with some of my friends, roasting on a bunch of politicians and such. Suddenly, this guy walked up to us and started yelling that we were the problem with America, and that we weren’t serious enough and so on. So naturally being who I am, I asked him who he was voting for, assuming he was about to provide me with a trolling opportunity. Little did I expect, his reply was that he wasn’t voting because of the “three evils”. I don’t know why Diablo, Baal and Mephisto caused him not to vote, but it seemed a bit silly that he would be lecturing anyone on voting with that mindset. He actually looked like he was going to attack me though and kind of freaked out one of the girls at the table, so the customers were all very nice to us for the rest of the meal.


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