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Sunday AniTAY Café

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What is your favorite genre(s) of anime? I’m fairly certain we haven’t actually discussed this before (correct me if I’m wrong, although no going back now), so spill the beans.


In the grand pattern of refusing to pick one of anything, much like how I like to transition my snacks between something salty and something sweet, I like to have a favorite ‘serious’ (as in the focus isn’t inherently comedic but can be) and ‘not-so-serious’ (although they can be at times)genres. For not so serious, I really do like me a good romantic comedy. For serious, I’m kinda into the recent ‘trapped in a video game’ genre. I think it gets way too much crap because everyone just loves to rail on Sword Art Online, because essentially this genre can be anything from Log Horizon to DanMachi to this season’s Grimgar.

Header from Sword Art Online II.

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