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Now that the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have concluded, it is time for the bragging: what did you get on sale? How good of a deal was it? How soon can you mail me free gifts that you obviously bought for me?


I got Nozaki-kun and School-Live! volume 1 at Barnes & Noble for 40% off, but the real crowning achievement was my FUNimation purchase. They had up to 70% off on some things and free shipping and handling. The Spice & Wolf complete series (both seasons) was usually $55, but it was 50% off, with free shipping. Additionally, since I waited to renew my FUNimation subscription until they had a deal last month with a $25 coupon, I had that coupon to use. So, in conclusion, it cost me a total of $2.49 for both seasons of Spice & Wolf on blu-ray. Winning.

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