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Richard’s Digimon Tri review got me thinking. Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation here: imagine if when anime and manga were translated into English the translators changed all the names of characters to English names. What would they be?


I’ll do the cast of Your Lie in April. I feel like Kousei would be Kenneth, Ken for short. Not because they both start with a K but because I just get that Kenneth vibe from his hair and glasses. I don’t know. Kaori would be Samantha, maybe. I don’t really have good explanations for these, they just kind of sound like that’s what they would be, if you get my drift. Tsubaki would be either Amy or Claire. Watari would be Felix.

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Storytime with Storm

Finals are coming up, much to do much to do. I don’t have much else to say, I’m sure a lot of you guys have finals coming up too, and if you don’t feel free to not comment saying you don’t have finals. Thanks. :P


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