Well, it’s that time again: the beginning of the season. Now that most shows have had their chance with the first (and sometimes second) episode, what are your thoughts? The best? The worst?

My favorite premiere so far this season was The Perfect Insider, as I really liked the setup and character introductions, and the production values seem to be through the roof.

My least favorite? Hard to say, as a lot of people have said there are lots of magical high school shows, and none of them seem all that appealing to me yet. It’s worth noting that I didn’t dislike any of the ones I watched either (Asterisk, Chivalry, and Anti-Magic Academy).

Header from The Asterisk War.

Storytime with Storm

So in case you guys missed it, Amanda Lee and Dima Lancaster did a little collaboration for a Your Lie in April English medley, and it’s absolutely fantastic (hurts so good):

A Week of AniTAY:

Drop from a week ago:


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