As of this week, we have unfortunately (fortunately, maybe? how cynical are you? Is the glass half full?) arrived at the end of the Summer 2015 season. As such, it’s only natural that we should discuss our favorite/least favorite endings to the series we know and love/hate.

My stuff here will only have vaguely worded spoilers, but beware the comments!

For me, out of the endings I’ve seen so far I’ve got to say I really liked School-Live’s conclusion, obviously there wasn’t going to be a final resolution but where they ended it felt very ‘yeah there could be a second season but in a way the story is complete as it is’, if you get what I mean.

As for hate, curse you Rokka! Like I wouldn’t even have minded not fully concluding the overall conflict, but introducing a new mystery at the end was pretty unnecessary.

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Storytime with Storm

The hype for the end of season ‘slew of reviews’ is real. I only have two for now so expect them to probably make an appearance soon, I’m trying to juggle a bunch of articles right now so we will see how things play out. I’m reviewing Classroom Crisis and Overlord this season.


Note: I will actually post a music article this season, last season’s never happened :(

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