Proton’s out this week doing awesome stuff apparently, so this week Krakken’s in charge of the Café. And we have a great selection of weekly specials to help sate your anime appetites from Hellsalem’s Lot’s finest diner:

  1. Kekkai Sensen got added to Funi’s Simulcast Dub lineup this week and its pretty great. What shows do you guys prefer in Dub format, and any particular reasons?
  2. I’m very amused at the very feminine not-traps that Nagisa in Assassination Classroom, and Arslan in the new Arslan series are, thoughts?
  3. You get to live a normal existence in 1 anime world, which is it?
  4. Stan’s Selection: Whats your favorite part about FruityDrinks (Ken)?


Header from Kekkai Sensen/ Blood Blockade Battlefront

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