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Sunday Ani-TAY Café

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We've reached the end of the season! I figured it would be best to leave the topic relatively open, mostly because I can see a couple of different things people might be interested in discussing about in this final week. Which show are you most looking forward to the ending of (spoiler-free please)? What review were/are you most looking forward to?


For me, I was most looking forward to Death Parade in both categories. I wanted to see the end (which is amazing) to finally reach the grand conclusion of what was one of my favorite shows this season. Your Lie in April might have fit that category, but I was also partially dreading the ending so I'm just going to give this one to Death Parade. I also want to see the review of it, because I'm writing it and once I see the finished product I will know that I butchered/Da Vinci'ed it.

Header from Death Parade.

A Week of Ani-TAY

Kevin and I have decided to move the roundup of weekly articles to a separate place, check out the Ani-TAY Drop for this week (not updated yet).


Business Stuff

Want in on the Ani-TAY action? All you need to do is follow this tutorial and tag your article with Ani-TAY in addition to the other tags you see fit. Also remember that the Café has a selection of image assets for your Ani-TAY writing needs and spreadsheets for coordinating with your fellow Ani-TAY writers.


Looking to get involved in some collaboration projects? We currently have some openings for future iterations of Project Hydra, so if you're interested mark which shows you haven't seenhere and then sign up in blank spots here.


Get in touch with Dexomega or Fruity (vespire50) on Skype (or me of course, Protonstorm) so you can get added to the Ani-TAY group. Among other things, the Ani-TAY Podcast may just randomly pull from this group to participate in the After-Hours segments.


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