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Where I live, the temperature has finally begun to reach the level that signals Spring (we can't all live in California, okay!?). As such, I'm really in the mood for some anime that feel like Spring. Of course, 'feels like Spring' is a term that I'm sure is different for everyone, so let me know of what you think qualifies as a good one to give me something to watch. I'm counting on you guys, the winter season ends over the next couple of weeks which means I will have more time to kill for a brief period of time soon.

Header from The Irregular at Magic High School. The show isn't all that Spring-y, but Tatsuya is looking pretty fashionable and the cherry blossom tree behind him is in full bloom.


...I don't think she's drinking coffee, but we can pretend.

A Week of Ani-TAY

Kevin and I have decided to move the roundup of weekly articles to a separate place, check out the Ani-TAY Drop for this week.

Business Stuff

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