Welcome to March! Hmmm, topics... something March-y... Well, I guess since I'm looking forward to my local anime convention in a couple of weeks, it is only fitting I ask: what/when was your first convention? What were some of your favorite memories from it? Last year, I actually was working during Naka-Kon, and at about 9:30 at night the cosplayers wave hit, causing me to be stuck at work until close to midnight three days in a row. On that last day, I swore to my friend/coworker that next year we would be ATTENDING instead of working. Looks like I'm going to be keeping that promise.

Header from OreImo.

Note: FruityDrinks gave me an excellent set of coffee pictures, two of which are in the image above. From here on out, I think I will be including one somewhere within the cafe.

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