You're watching a great show. Everything about it so far has been amazing, but being the person you are you can't help but to feel slightly annoyed at one small part that wasn't quite up to snuff. I really enjoyed the first season of Psycho-Pass. The first episode is a great way to get people to watch it, because it's such an entertaining twenty-some minutes. However, when I was showing one of my non-anime watching friends, we immediately went to the second episode, and he was slightly put off by the pink flying jellyfish maid thing in Tsunemori's apartment. Thankfully, he ended up finishing the show, but that one minor moment was something that almost made him stop watching, and it annoys me because it's just not in line with the tone of the entire series. Has anything minor like that ever bothered you about a show you were watching?

Header from Psycho-Pass.

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