Header from Death Parade.

Today's Specialty

This next week begins the Winter 2015 season of anime! While to pickings have been acknowledged by many of us Ani-TAYers as slim, there are still several excellent-looking shows popping up. I think my current hype show would be Death Parade. During Anime Mirai 2013, an episode (before there were plans for a show) was aired called Death Billiards (go watch it, it's pretty fantastic) featuring two men who found themselves in a bar attended by a man who has them play a game of billiards. The bartender hints that the game will hold serious consequences for the loser. The fact that they decided to make an anime out of this, something that rarely happens for anything in Anime Mirai, has me pretty excited. What about you guys?

A Week of Ani-TAY

We had several reviews for the past season this week, as well as several 'top' lists. I've already linked seven different articles, but there was so much content this week that if you want to see it all I recommend visiting the main Ani-TAY page.


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