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Header from Buddy Complex.

Today's Special:

One of the mecha shows in recent memory that I enjoyed was Buddy Complex, a one-off mecha show from Sunrise, those guys that made Gundam and every other real robot show you've watched. It was a really generic mecha show that happened to involve time travel. It didn't start out great, as fellow mecha fan UI 2.0 pointed out in his impressions, but something about it kept both him and I coming back. Eventually we went on to agree that it was a solid show for the true mecha fan.


Buddy Complex ended on a cliffhanger, and a firm acknowledgement of a sequel in the works, despite the fact that it was a one-off show that was unlikely to gain that sort of popularity. Even so, I was ecstatic at the idea of a continuation of the show.


During the fall season of anime, Buddy Complex's sequel, a two-part OVA, was released and it left me with a conundrum. There was enough material packed into those two parts that they could have filled a 13-episode season, something I didn't think they had enough for. On one hand, I applaud that they actually decided to end the show with an OVA instead of leaving us hanging. On the other hand, I can't help but think that it really did go too fast. There was a bit too much info-dump and too many dropped plot threads for me to be completely satisfied.

Have you ever encountered this paradox? Ever have a show that ended, but it really shouldn't have ended that fast?

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