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Study Finds That Yui Stans Are Prone to Emotional Abuse, Sociopathy

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In a landmark study performed by some of the most prestigious researchers from across the globe, overwhelming evidence was found that correlated Yui Stans with sociopathic tendencies.


Yui, of course, is a love interest for the My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU protagonist, Hikki. However, she is clearly a terrible choice for Hikki’s emotional health.

“Yui emotionally disconnects with Hikki at very fundamental levels,” one researcher explained. “It is a simple conclusion to find that the result of her pairing up with Hikki would be severe emotional distress on Hikki’s part to a far greater degree than any other potential partners.”


The point that Yui is a bad match for Hikki is one that the majority of SNAFU fans have understood for years. However, an unfortunate subsection of the community has clung to their trash and refused to take it out in time for Wednesday pickup.

“Yui is cute and compassionate and there’s nothing wrong with liking her for that,” said one aggressive Yui stan. “I refuse to believe that she would be a bad match for Hikki.”


“It is attitudes like this that are extremely prevalent amongst Yui stans,” lead researcher Kashikoi Atamagaii told reporters. “It’s a sign of deep emotional instability that leads to unfortunate consequences for the people around them.”

He is referring, of course, to the findings of his study. “Yui stans are found to have a 300% higher occurrence of sociopathic tendencies than the average anime fan, which was already high to begin with,” he explained. “Yui stans are frequently described by their peers as emotionally disconnected from their surroundings, despite the Yui stans themselves being completely unaware of their poor behavior.”


This attribute, the study argues, can be linked in these individuals’ insistence that Yui is the best option for Hikki when all evidence suggests otherwise. They think that Yui’s positive attitude can potentially “fix” Hikki, a thought process that is the result of them identifying with Hikki. They believe that the parts of their terrible personalities that others find revolting can be fixed by the sacrifice of a beautiful maiden. This thought process is toxic and harmful towards others, firstly because it requires partners to emotionally sacrifice themselves. Furthermore, these individuals underestimate the sheer terribleness of their personalities, and are unaware to just what degree their behavior harms others.

While the study breaks important ground in proving the depravity of Yui stans, the researchers point out that there is still much to be done. “We’ve identified the problem, but we haven’t solved it,” one told reporters. “Now that we have proven beyond doubt that Yui stans are toxic, the next problem is: how do we deal with them? I think that society will puzzle over this issue for some time to come.”


While a final solution still seems far in the future, this study has taken important steps that will have significant benefits for society. But for now, keep an eye out for Yui stans, and avoid interaction with them as much as possible.

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