It´s name is Kiznaiver and will be directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi (Kill La Kill).

Studio Trigger has show it´s new Original Anime,Kiznaiver, and it will be the Debut as Director from Hiroshi Kobayashi (Kill La Kill Chapter Director), Mari Okada (Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans) is doing the Writting.

The Story it is set in a World were a new Program called Kiznaiver let it´s user share the pain of their wounds among them (Ergo if you get cut like...Let us say, with paper, insetad of hurting and bleeding as much as normal, it would be less, since the other part will be shared). This System has been made in order to make World Peace.

On the fictional Japanese City of Sugomori, A Student called Sonosaki, tells her Classmate, Katsuhira, that he has been selected as a Kiznaiver. So he can share his Pain with other Kiznaivers and connect with them. And even make missions for other Kiznaivers.

It is still unknown when the anime will come.