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Storyclub #1 : Fan-Fiction Corner

Hey guys! Today we’ll be taking a look at Protonstorm’s deranged writing fan-fiction, the first to be featured on Storyclub! He allegedly writes loads of this stuff, and judging from this one below, he’s pretty good at it!


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So here’s the fan-fic, Death Dichotomy, an original take on Death Parade.

The elevator opened with a ding, and Kim stepped out into the parlor. There was a long corridor ahead of her, with fancy red carpet running along the middle of the floor. She jumped slightly in surprise when the elevator next to hers dinged and another woman walked out.

“Well, hello there,” the woman said. “Name’s Rachel; you?”

“I’m Kim,” Kim replied, slightly confused. “Do you know where we-”

She was interrupted by another woman who had just come around the corner and was standing in the hallway.

“Welcome to the Quindecim,” the woman said. “Please follow me, you two.”

Rachel looked at Kim and shrugged, then followed the woman.

At the end of the hallway they turned the corner, and came out into an enormous chamber. It was a wide open room with a balcony around the edges. A huge tank of water filled with jellyfish was in the middle of the room, and in the far corner a pianist was playing a slow tune. At the back edge stood a bar, and a grey-haired bartender stood behind it, waiting for them expectantly.

Kim sat down slowly next to Rachel.

“Welcome to the Quindecim,” the bartender said, echoing the other woman. “My name is Decim, and I am your bartender. If you don’t mind me asking, do either of you remember how you got here?”

Kim thought for a minute. “Actually, I have no memory of the past few hours,” she replied. “Last I remember, I was at home, reading a book.”

Decim turned to Rachel. “Hell if I know,” she said, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.

“Very well,” he replied. “Allow me to explain to you what is going on.”

Kim glanced at Rachel, who was seemingly unfazed by the odd circumstances.

“We are going to have you play a game that will be decided by roulette,” Decim continued. “I would ask you to play as if your lives depended on it.”

“As if our lives depended on it?” Kim muttered, puzzled.

“Why would I want to play your game?” Rachel asked.

“Because I’m afraid you cannot leave until you have,” Decim responded.

Rachel raised her eyebrows. “Really?” she replied. “We will see about that.” She stood up.

“Come on, honey,” she said, beckoning to Kim. Let’s take a look.”

They wandered around the entire area, but there were no windows, and the door to the outside was locked. The only other door in the area led to the bathroom.

After a few minutes, they gave up and say back down at the bar.

“What if I refuse to play your game?” Rachel asked Decim.

“That is unadvisable,” he replied, and he stepped to the side as the wall behind him lifted. Inside dangled what looked to Kim like dummies, hundreds of them suspended by strings from the ceiling.

“I’ll play,” Kim replied quickly, unwilling to risk the consequences.

Rachel was slightly taken aback and agreed to play as well. Decim nodded, and a board appeared in front of them. Decim handed Kim a red button, indicating for her to press it. She did so, and the board lit up, each of the nine squares glowing individually as the light traveled from square to square. Eventually, it settled on one, and the square rotated to reveal the word foosball. A loud crash echoed from the right, as the floor caved in and a large table rose up from underneath.

“Very good,” Decim said, and the group walked over to the table.

“Foosball is played between two players, with each controlling the figures of their side’s color,” Decim explained, pointing to the carved human-like figures attached to the metal poles. “You manipulate the end of these poles and attempt to score the ball in the opponent’s goal. The winner is the first player to get to five points.”

To Kim’s surprise, each of the figures had what looked like human organs inscribed in the wood.

“Why do they have organs drawn on them?” She asked, pointing.

“The organ inscribed on the figure that hits the ball in will cause pain in that portion of the defending player’s body,” Decim explained.

“What? How is that even possible?” Rachel asked, looking skeptical.

“I’m afraid I cannot answer that question,” Decim replied, remaining expressionless.

Rachel looked at him for a minute, and then said, “I don’t believe you, so let’s just get started.”

Kim, while afraid, couldn’t help but wonder if Decim was telling the truth. She glanced into his eyes, a pale blue with what looked almost like crosses inscribed in the middle. He saw her watching him and stared back. She looked away.

The two women walked up to the foosball table, and a ball slid out on Kim’s side.

“Ready?” she asked Rachel.

Rachel nodded, and Kim pushed the ball through the hole and into the playing field. She spun one of her rows of figures and hit the ball towards Rachel’s goal. Rachel pulled her goalie to the left and blocked, sending the ball flying across the field. Kim tried to block, but before she could regain possession, the ball was seized by Rachel’s offensive figures and was pushed into Kim’s goal. The board made a ringing noise and the score on Rachel’s side changed to 1.

Suddenly, Kim’s mind flashed back. She remembered meeting her boyfriend John, whom she had seen in a public library. When she had gone to check out a book, he had walked up with the exact same novel. It turned out that they shared the same interests in stories, and both loved Ian Fleming.

Rachel laughed. “You okay, sweetheart? It’s just one point!”

Kim’s shoulder ached, and she noticed that the figurine that had knocked the ball in her goal had a shoulder inscribed in its center.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Kim replied, jumping back to the present.

Kim strengthened her resolve and placed the ball back in the field. She immediately spun her front line and scored.

Rachel glared, wincing slightly as a strange pain emerged in her knee. It couldn’t be possible that the game was actually hurting them, right?

“All right, you got me,” she smirked.

Kim said nothing, all she could think about was returning to see John. Rachel placed the ball back in, and within a few short minutes Kim had scored again.

Rachel’s memories began to return as well. Her thoughts turned to the evening, when she was making dinner. Her three children all sat around the table, whining out of hunger. She had snapped at them, but on the inside she smiled. She needed to win this game and get back, otherwise what would become of them?

She jumped back to the present, and coughed violently.

Kim looked at her wide-eyed. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m beginning to think that he wasn’t lying about those organs,” Rachel said, pointing at the figure that Kim had scored with. Inscribed on it was a picture of a lung.

The game continued, and shortly afterwards Rachel scored again. Kim shuddered violently and retched. Her stomach was writhing.

The night before, she had been on a date with John. He had bought her dinner, and then they headed to her house to watch a movie. When he had closed the door, she had thrown her arms around him and they kissed.

Kim came back to the table, wide-eyed.

“I think their memories are beginning to return,” the assistant whispered to Decim.

“Yes, but let’s speed things up,” he replied, pulling out what looked like a TV remote, but with only one button. The two women were too occupied with their game, and didn’t notice as he pressed it.

The handle on Rachel’s side popped off, and she looked at it in shock as the ball Kim had hit soared right into her goal.

Rachel was crying. The man had come to tell her that he had to kick her out of the apartment since she had been late on rent for several months. What was going to happen to her family?

Rachel let out a shout as her eyes suddenly throbbed in pain. The score was 3-2, and she was losing.

She looked at Decim in a panic, then walked up to Kim.

“What are you doing?” Kim asked worriedly. Rachel looked positively violent.

Without a word, Rachel balled her fist and smacked the other woman right in the face, sending her sprawling. As Kim hit the ground, Rachel kicked her in the stomach. Once, twice, and over and over again until she was thoroughly knocked out.

“There isn’t any rule about me playing while my opponent is incapacitated, is there?” she asked Decim, who shook his head in reply.

Rachel walked back over to the table shakily, quickly grabbed the ball from behind her goal where Kim had just scored, and hit it into Kim’s own goal immediately. Kim’s chest was suddenly wracked with pain. Drawn on the figurine Rachel had scored with was a heart. She writhed on the floor coughing up thick streams of blood, and Rachel smiled slightly remorsefully.

“Sorry, honey, I have people who need me,” she said, bending over and picking the ball up from Kim’s goal. She scored once again.

Mid-kiss, Kim had been pulled away from her boyfriend.

“Get against the wall!” A masked man yelled, pushing her to the side. John looked at the man in scared recognition. “I’ll get your money, please don’t hurt her!” he yelled. “I’m not here for her, I’m here for you!” the man yelled, pulling out his gun. Kim had seen red. She ran towards the man, and grabbed the gun.

“Let go you dumb bit-” he began, before accidentally pulling the trigger. Kim’s vision swam, and she woke up in the bar, lying in the ground, just in time to see Rachel score the final point. Rachel looked at her, triumphant, but Kim knew it was no use.

Unable to revel in her glory for long, Rachel’ s final memories suddenly returned as well. She had her kids in the car, driving somewhere. She didn’t know where. She was distracted, and when they started fighting she turned around and told them to shut up. When she looked away from the road, the wheel turned slightly, and the car veered into the opposite lane. Before she could right the vehicle, it collided with oncoming traffic.

Rachel’s smile faded, and the sound of clapping filled the room.

“Well done! Rachel is the winner,” Decim said.

“Are we... dead?” Kim asked, looking at him with a blank face.

“Yes. I apologize for not telling you earlier, but it was crucial for me to be able to judge you that you didn’t know,” he replied.

“...did my children survive?” Rachel asked him.

What about John?” Kim added.

“I’m afraid that I do not know,” Decim said. “I only have knowledge of your memories.”

They both looked at him blankly. Kim’s eyes welled up.

“So I won. What happens now?” Rachel asked.

“It was decided which of you would be reincarnated based on your behavior. I never said the winner would be victorious,” Decim said, looking at her.

Rachel gulped. She knew she had cheated.

The assistant came and grabbed her hand. “I’m sorry, dear; please come with me.” She led the two of them back to the elevators, and they each got in a separate one.

“Goodbye,” Decim said, watching as the doors shut on the two women.

“Which one went to the void, and which one was reincarnated?” The assistant asked, turning to him.

“Kim was reincarnated,” he replied. “Unlike the other, her death was entirely a sacrifice for someone else, and she did not resort to violence when playing the game.”

The assistant stared at the elevators for a minute before Decim started, his eyes dilating as he received another set of memories.

“We have more guests arriving,” he said, walking back to the bar with a towel in hand.


A very interesting and entirely plausible fan-fic, wouldn’t you say? Death Parade, which was an awesome anime, would probably suck this story in whole. It fits very well into its episodic nature, and of course, is about a game. One major quibble is that they played foosball. Really?! There are so many other games you could’ve played, but foosball?!

I’ve always enjoyed a good story, and have periodically written my own short ones. One of the reasons I love anime is because of the fantastic storytelling in the medium, and as such many shows are often excellent fodder for fan-fiction, because it is fun to do for both the reader and the writer. I wrote Death Dichotomy after watching Death Parade for several weeks as a story to read to my creative writing class, and wrote it in a manner so that people that did not know of the show would be able to jump into the story. -Protonstorm


That’s the end of the first Storyclub Fan-fiction corner! We do hope you’ve enjoyed this article from Protonstorm, and please look forward to the other segments of Storyclub!


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