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Stan Lee´s Manga will end this Fall

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Ultimo, made by Stan Lee (Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk) and Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King).


It has been revealed on the newest issue of Jump SQ. Crown that the colaborative project between the Comic Legend Stan Lee and the Mangaka Hiroyuki Takei: Ultimo, will come to an end this fall.

The Project started on 2009 and has recollected so far 11 Volumes. Viz Media is publishing the manga on the States and it describes the story as follow:

“ With girl and money troubles, life is hard enough for high school student Yamato, but then he stumbles uponUltimo, a peculiar-looking puppet. Things only get stranger when Ultimo awakens and his archenemy Vice shows up. Will this be the battle that finally decides good versus evil, or is this just the beginning of a most fantastic adventure?.”


His other Manga, Jumbor, will enter on hiatus. Although he has stated before that he wanted to end both Ultimo and Jumbor this year.

Also Takei is making Hyper Dash!, and is planing on release the Nekogahara Manga this September.

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