How can make a mecha series made by Studio Trigger even better? By leaving a crapton of easter eggs for diehard Transformers fans, that’s how.

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So, like most anime viewers this season I’m enjoying the crap out of SSSS Gridman. Along with the excellent animation that does an excellent job of juggling 2D and 3D animation seamlessly, it also has an intriguing premise, interesting characters, and a (so far) superb simuldub. Also, it’s going full-Eva early, so hopefully it won’t go down in a blaze of whatthefuckery and stupidity like Darling in the FranXX did earlier this year.

Of all the small touches however, the most obscure one that’s come to attention are the character designs that take direct inspiration from a Transformers story and toy-line. And not just that; instead of taking from the movies, the recent television shows, or even the excellent ongoing IDW comics, it’s from “Shattered Glass,” a series where the titular alien robots are on opposite sides. Soundwave is an Autobot, Optimus Prime is a Decepticon, etc. They, and roughly a dozen other characters, are all represented in various characters in Gridman (credit goes to ScottyP on seibertron for compiling the images below), as seen below with Soundwave, Cliffjumper, Whisper, and even Thundercracker. Note the Ravage blanket, Cliff’s “horns”, the cut in the purple 8/Autobot symbol, and the sweet “Thunder” fighter-jet jacket.


It also looks like future characters will be referencing characters from Age of Extinction (namely the Dinobots), and even the Japanese 2D Beast Wars series (additional credit goes to The Captain’s Noop via tumblr).


Now if we can just get a series based on the More Than Meets the Eye and Lost Light comics...


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